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Mystery Key re-listed yet again


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Well I have finally gotten a reply from ebay and they apologized because the listing was taken down in error. They made a mistake and appreciate my understanding. (sure ok)

So I have now re-listed the Mystery Key for a third and final time. Everything is the same except what it starts, opens or unlocks. Nope it's not the same, it's even better.

Here is the new listing.


Let the Bidding Begin...



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Thought you'd be intersted in this message sent to me about the bid I placed on your auction.

Dear wolvergambit,

i just wanted to tell you that you should bookmark people who sell "mystery envelopes, boxes, keys, etc..." and watch how fast ebay pulls them down. why do you think these people relist and say "im back and revised!" etc... they will get shut down over and over. i know first hand. i tried it. you will be wasting your money on this fool. he got away with it the first time, and then again with the key. when he relisted the key, i reported him to ebay and they shut it down. most everyone is curious to watch his auctions, so they wont do anything about it. mostly its other ebayers that report "prohibited items".
i strongly suggest retracting your bid and not wasting your money. the worse ebay can do to you is shut your auction down and give you a refund of the fees you incurred. why spend 9.95 to find out you still cant go through till the end with the auction?
Just a warning to ya! take care!


***Please do not post ebay user names. ***


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Interesting, I wouldn't doubt it is someone I banned from bidding. But it seems odd that he mentions he reported the mystery key auction however you have not bid on that one but my other mystery auctions revealed one.

So who ever this is, is going to both my auctions and contacting the bidders which is against ebay rules for disrupting an auction.

Ebay knows they made a mistake in pulling my auction. they know that and I know that and that is all that matters.

Well seeing as I have nothing else to do could who ever knows the ebay userid of this individual please email me. either Andrew or wolvergambit so that I can deal with this.

Thanks ttyl

Sorry or Darth...
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Actually I wasn't the one who edited this one. I didn't get a chance to see it. Sorry!