Mystery Credit Card Auction


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(Psssssssssssst it doesn't have 1000 hits yet... not even close!)

That is a neat idea, but like kat said it is in ebay's policy no credit cards and also no gift cards! But so long as no one reports it you should be OK. I'd make sure to take a copy of the bidders list every now and then though for when it does get pulled, that way if you can put it back up again you can let them know :)

It is on my watcheroo for ya :)


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greenhappykat said:
Wow! While I do think this is a great idea, I hope it doesn't get pulled..In eBay's policy it says that you cannot sell credit cards on eBay..that is what I remember. I hope they don't pull this!
I think its more like a mastercard gift card if its prepaid?


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I thought about that idea few months ago but a little different and plus I don't know how ebay would view it.

I add you to watch list too.
Good luck


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Don't worry about getting pulled...just revise it to say it's a Hallmark card up for bid with a freebie gift mastercard...that's ok, right?


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Ok, finally found the actual link to the 'rules' about giveaway and freebie type stuff... I just dont want more auctions pulled for lack of reading rules and finding new ways around em :grin:

Da Rulez


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Ahh sorry abouit wrong spot

Hmmm yeah the rules seem pretty vague sometimes I got warned today for listing the banner for this site in my auction