Mystery Cat Burgler Bag!


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LOL!!!!!!!! I am on the phone with the mod "Mr Snipes" right now and I swear I thought it just might have been over for him. He was laughing about as hard as I have ever heard somebody laugh. He told me it was because of this auction. Now I am interested! LOL! Wow so much laugh for one auction. There should be a law against that!

(Now I have to actually go look at this auction LOL!)

Wish me luck..

*takes deep breath*


LOL!! Just came back from it! That picture is GREAT!

Here it is.



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Yep! Tater me too... made me cry laughing! then the mascara in my eyes made me cry some more... just a big crybaby laughing my fool a$$ off! :lol:


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Oh man that's too funny. Love the cat pic. :D Good luck on your auction..
I'll have to watch this one. Too funny. :lol:
C-ya around the boards........... :warp:


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Krakkan, did you take that picture yourself? Or did you find it somewhere. It had to be a hard one to get right! :)
This picture brings me back to my yonger days when there was poster of a kitten just like this one hanging from a tree saying HANG IN THERE this is way to funny i love it i hope the gun was not real lol :D


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Picture is from an old joke email in the Nineties depicted animals in comprimising situations I must of laughed for twenty minutes

No animals were hurt in the making of that auction..


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ohhhhhhhh too funny....and great idea...... I will add you to my watch list...
hmmmmmmm this might be a way to unclutter my house.....they say if you have not looked at it or used it in the last 6 months you don't need it...hehehehe