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Mystery Bank Account Lmao Whats Next


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I saw this one yesterday. And I thought the same thing.. :lol: I give it 2 more days and eBay will pull it..But hey you never know..


New Member
ok whats the catch guys ... i dont knwo much about these auctions , but are people really going to pay excessive ammounts of money for a unspecified ammount of cash in return?

seems like a bunch of hoaxes or does this really work? is there a catch or is this stuff reall??


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Dragon said:
Why didn't I think of that? I only have a few bucks in one of my accounts.

LOL I've got a better one than that. An account I closed when we moved a little over a year ago. Appariently the bank doesn't know I closed this account because it has been charging me fees on it and a couple of months ago I got a collections letter (for a whopping 30 bucks) Because I did close the account (and they just ticked me off) I'm not paying them their stupid $30 because I do not owe them 30 bucks! One of those "it's the principal of the thing" thingys. We've been writing/calling/faxing back and forth since then. So I could put it up as my bank account of over a years worth of "activity" :)


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Speaking of fees, somebody sold "Pay my bills" on eBay a few months back, LOL! All money went towards paying their bills, and the winner received a smiling picture of the seller, who of course was smiling because they just scored on eBay! :lol:

Anyway, back on subject, I should considder a "Mystery Bank Account" auction. Maybe start the bidding a little higher though... (sorry I couldn't resist!)


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It is what eBay calls keyword spamming. They do not like you putting any word or words that have nothing to do with what you are selling. I have had to deal with a couple of times too. When they decide they don't like what is in the auction they will close it down. They don't give you a warning. They close it down and then they tell you why.


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The only one thay couldnt legally pull is the chick who actually changed her name to "goldenpalace.com" other than that, they probably dont like people putting up auctions with the sole purpose of trying to get "Goldenpalace's" atention