Mystery Bag Found on My Front Yard!


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Well Cool....glad there was nothing illegal in it....hahaha that was my first thought that someone ditched it, because the cops were coming...heheheheh
I added you to my watch list...Good luck!!


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Thanks everyone, this auction really has me excited, I have never had one go this fast with getting Watcher & Bidders!:)


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I have only looked in the bag one time just kinda a glimps into just to make sure it was not old food or somthing nasty before I brougt into my home, and when I did I saw some cash, 2 black boxes some paper and some keys!So I closed it and told my Husband he however did look all in and the I made him give it to me and I hid it, thinking someone would come and get it, but no one did. SO i just had to auction it off on ebay! Thanks everyone for watching and bid if you want :lol:
Thanks again!
Teena :D


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I guess the previous owner of this bag isn't an ebayer. If they were, surely by now they would have seen it and spoken up.
That would be funny to see your bag for sale on ebay. ;)