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Mystery Auctions All Over Going For Thousands


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Well first...

I pulled both the Mystery Key Auction and the info how to do mystery auctions, I got a lot on my plate right now (new job and giant pumpkin growing) and by the looks of it not to many people need the info for doing mystery auctions any ways.

I'm also at this point not interested in having anything to do with any one else's mystery auctions or being the one that gave out info. I helped Pam out and she did great. I'm tickled pink she was able to take this idea, make it her own and run a successful auction. My hat off to you Pam, that was GREAT...

Being blunt (maybe I'll get my hand slapped)
I enjoy being on ebay and enjoyed the mystery envelope. Golden Palace are the greatest and I hope in the future to see their name on other of my auctions. I publicly want to thank them for being my exclusive advertiser for my giant pumpkin growing this year, I hope they enjoy and everyone else the next 6 month season.

So.... hmmmm.... Well.... YA RIGHT!!!





Sorry forgot one...


Andrew... Where is the steam room? I need to vent.
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Well, you had a good run, and successfully were able to get out while you were still ahead of your game. Good job on all of your auctions! You definitely hit the right notes for people, and that's what counts.

As for venting. I suppose you could vent in the Players Club. :D


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Oh I'm still in, just not with any Mystery Auctions....

That post should have been ended like this below. Sorry.

....... next 6 month season.

And 2nd
Being blunt (maybe I'll get my hand slapped)

So.... hmmmm.... Well.... YA RIGHT!!!

etc. etc. etc.

(Players Club next stop...)
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I wouldn't worry too much if I were you, you started this trend and history will always remember you as the one who came up with this idea! It is the same as let's say with the inventor of the telephone - Alexander Graham Bell -he did not invent the cell phone, but the cell phone would not be invented if he did not invent the telephone....YOU SEE???? He is the man who started it all! Same with your situation! Your name is written in history! Yes there might be other mystery auctions that sell for even more money than let's say yours, but they would not be even in existance if not for you! You're the man who started it all!
So don't worry! You're the first! You're the best!


not a plastic bag
I've thought about doing some sort of mystery veried website. The basic idea would be that if you want to run a mystery auction, you would email me first pictures of the item and an exact description. I would then give you a mystery veried stamp to place on your auction. After the auction, I would mail the verified contents to the buyer.
Right now the system is messed up. Buy a mystery billfold for $800 - oh guess what, there was $725 in the billfold - duh!?!
With my system if there is not the amount of cash that is in the wallet, the seller could sue the buyer. Works for cars, ect. If you drop false clues or try a last minute switch, there's gonna be legal troubles.

Maybe I shouldn't posts this in case I decide to pursue it. hummm?


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You see that is what I have a problem with the way things appear to be turning out being the guy that started it all. No my auctions are not scams but I'm affraid a lot of others are. Or they appear to be.

And like you said I'm going to be the guy that started it all...

Well I've calmed down since seeing some of those auctions earlier. But reading your post got a kick out of it.


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Has a mystery auction ever turned out to be a blatant scam? Like a piece of paper for $500.00? Just wonderin'...


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I know what you mean, but again going back to the telephone analogy... for instance criminals also use the telephones to do their dirty deeds...but does this make the inventor of the telephone Mr.Bell a bad person? NO! He is a genius! I'm sure that when he invented the telephone, he had only good intentions! And nobody will ever, ever say that it is because of him, telephone is used by criminals...! You see what I mean! It is the same with your situation, when you came up with this idea, you had only good intentions! You are a genius! And the rest of the people who use your great idea, and turn it into a scam are a bunch of losers, who did not think of this idea first and are now trying to jump on the bandwagon, and plus use this idea to fool people! I'm not saying this about mystery auctions as a whole, only about scam mystery auctions! Same thing with the Interent, the guy who created the WWW - Tim Berners Lee he created it with only good intentions, he would never in his wildest dreams thought that a few years down the road 10 year olds would be looking at porn sites....because of his invention! The problem is that people take the good and turn it into bad! So the point is, you took the good, but did you turn it into bad? NO! Those who did, are the ones that should be held responsible!
You know what I saw, when I read your post? I saw that you're a great man, with big heart, very honest, someone who looks out not only for himself but for others as well!
I wish we had more people like you!!!!

Good luck and blessing to You in absolutely everything that you do!


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Yeah I wish I could get in on the Mystery Craze.....But ohh well i doubt it will be around much longer. I hope so cause its fun to watch but im sure people are thinking its getting old....Its time for someone to come up with a NEW GREAT IDEA!!! lol