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Mysterious lights over Russia


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A massive red and orange glow appeared in the sky at night near Yekaterinburg in Sverdlovsk oblast. It got really bright and lasted for at least 10 seconds before it began to disappear. Some people in Rezh picked it up on their car cams and the video is in the link but scientists still dont know what happened.
There was no noise and no bright tail that you would see if it was a meteorite. And there wasnt any launch from Plesetsk cosmodrome - some of those rockets fly over that part of the Ural region. And its too far south to be anything happening on the Yamal peninsula (like methane bubbles exploding). So maybe some secret weapons test?
Nobody knows yet.
Watch mystery explosion that lit up Russian night sky - but nobody knows what caused it - Mirror Online



Free Spirit
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I think they will find that this was a meteor exploding. Its happened here before and for about 10 seconds it turned night into day. There was also no noise, just a bright flash. I guess it was too high up to hear.


A meteor on a direct enough heading would not appear to have a tail. I'm rolling with meteor, however, methane cloud is also a possibility, it would've had to have been a doozy though.

- Cham