Mysterio news...not leaving WWE


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Wow, am I glad this didnt happen!! Strange things are going on in this company right now...thankfully Rey Rey isnt leaving.

Earlier this week, Dave Meltzer reported that there was a rumor floating around backstage at RAW that Rey Mysterio had given his notice to quit World Wrestling Entertainment.

fuel to the fire was the fact that Mysterio dropped the WWE Intercontinental title to Chris Jericho at Sunday's Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View and was not present at Tuesday's WWE SmackDown tapings.

To update the situation, PWInsider is now reporting that a nagging knee injury is what led Mysterio to miss Tuesday's tapings. He informed WWE last week that he wanted to rest up his knee this week, so talk of him leaving the company appears to be unfounded.

Mysterio's program with Chris Jericho is getting rave reviews from WWE management and it's expected to continue when he returns.


Sultan of Swat
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Wow! That is pretty huge news, like people know I am not a huge fan of his, so it wouldn’t really bother me if he did leave. But a lot of fans would be disappointed if he did actually quit. He’s a fan favorite that’s for sure.``