MySpace 2.0


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So they recently re-did the layouts. i just switched to the new version and i gotta say its cleaner. keeps everything viewable on screen when viewing someones profile.

anyone else used it or seen it yet? thoughts of it?


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not many people are using it profile is in my sig, its using the 2.0 layout.
bob you can keep your customized layout...when your in the edit mode select no theme, then click CSS and paste your layout coding in there and hit publish.
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2.0 has premade layouts but they kinda suck.

the CSS thing might not have worked if the coding is in your general area on your profile. why 2.0 the customized coding can only be in the CSS field.
It's still a bit too much for me to be honest. Visiting myspace takes me back to the early days of the Internet, when everyone and their dog had a site on geocities/angelfire/tripod with an mp3 playing in the background and a thousand flashing gif images. My modem might be able to handle it better than it used to back then but my eyes still feel tortured. I like a bit of creativity, don't get me wrong.. but I prefer the more enclosed type that Facebook offer where only so much havoc can be reaped. I'm not an active user of either site though in all honesty.

Still, at least they're trying to address the problem.


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I think it is too late for myspace, I have already moved to facebook lol, mainly because all my mates did.