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New Member
I just had to edit something in MyPhpAdmin where I had a list of columns. I wasn't sure how to add a column so I just went in and edited one that wasn't important....

What's the story on adding a column to a current database... I didn't notice an add option, just delete and edit....

It may have been "insert new row" at the bottom of the page, but I wasn't sure about that....


Secret Agent
Staff member
At the bottom of the structure page for a table is an option to insert field. This is a column. The default is insert field "At end." You can specify where you want to insert it in the dropdown menu. After "field name" etc.

You then can specify the options for the field. This includes length, data type, default, and then special setting such as "unique", which means all rows will have to have different values for this column. You can almost always leave these extra options alone unless you are building a database from scratch.