My Wallpapers (Abstract)




Comments on my mish-mash of Photoshop filters?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Is abstract the real word for those wallpapers lol. I've never seen work like this. It's pretty kool in some ways. The first one is my favorite, but the last two ones are pretty kool because it makes you a little dizzy if you stare at them for awhile lol. Good job. 6/10

Qucik question is this your first wallpapers?
The fact that they're (as you say) a mish-mash of photoshop filters, is pretty obvious, but considering that that's what they are, they're still visually interesting. I think the second one is best, followed by the first and the third... The blend of colors in the second is what I like about it.

I'm thinking just a little more work to them and they could get away from being purely filters and be a lot more interesting...


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I feel dizzy now @[email protected], but I like the third one the best. Their very interesting and something that could really attract a person for hours until they got a headache from looking at them for too long. But I gotta say good job Mecha cause I really like these^^;


"Quick question: are these your first wallpapers?"

Kinda. I was trying to reproduce an interesting neon-pattern effect I made some years ago, but these are things I made along the way.

I'm currently loving the first one, it is in fact my background now. Sometime, I'm going to try to make an arcane-ish background, which is a theme I think would be interesting.