My VP candidate is hotter then your VP candidate


Hell, It's about time!
Politics aside... I mean seriously, who here can honestly say Sarah Palin isn't hot?



I think I can.
I mean she's not unattractive but she's not hot.
She's decent looking, when I look at her I'm not offended.
and just throwing it out there, I could probably sleep with her if I Sarah Palin and I went out to bar got blitzed and wound up going home with Sarah Palin, I wouldn't feel disapointed in myself, she might feel disapointed in her self, but not me.
Also if I was 15 years old, and Sarah Palin was your mom, would tell you about how your mom is hot, but I'm not 15 anymore.


Son of Liberty
ok maybe this isnt the most fitting...but thats what Subtalk is for... I've been dying to share this one: