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As many of you may or may not know, I'm trying to get a career going in television production. I have been working on the NY Segment on a production level since the age of 18 and was finally given the chance to show my abilities three years ago when I was given the chance to produce and direct my first piece. So, I finally got them up on YouTube and wanted to share them with everyone for their thoughts, opinions, and perhaps the shot that someone here has a connection to someone in TV so I can work more than once a year.

YouTube - Josh Shatesky MDA Telethon Profile '05

YouTube - Kapricia Heggie MDA Telethon Profile '06

YouTube - Steubing Brothers MDA Telethon Profile '07
Wanted to share some good news about the third video that I produced/directed. It won me the 2008 MDA Broadcast Journalism Honorable Mention Award. The award is presented for superior programming that educates and galvanizes viewers about MDA's mission to conquer muscular dystrophy and related diseases.
Just got my video up that I produced/directer for the 2008 MDA Telethon. Enjoy

YouTube - Eloise Pillarella MDA Telethon Profile '08
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