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My UPS goes off by itself... any idea why?


New Member
Hi guys,

Wondering if someone would have an idea about my UPS. It goes off by itself...

I suppose the batteries need to be replaced soon, but the question is more about the reason why would that possibly happen?! I have one computer and my modem connected to it, and they have been connected that way for a long time (years.) I did replace a hard drive in the computer, but I would imagine that the amount of electricity is about the same as the old hard drive and if that were a problem I would imagine that the UPS would have gone off really quickly! Instead it's more like 3 months later that the UPS is acting up. Nothing else changed...

So I use the computer and now it has been 3 times that it just all goes off at once! Poof! The computer will reboot, etc. but that defies the use of a UPS. The electricity is not dropping when that happens. It's just random (so it looks at least.)

Could the UPS be too old? It's something like 5 years old and I did change the batteries once already. Could it be that if the current batteries are too old they could just force an instant UPS shutdown?!

Thank you for your help!