My unique memory...



about football World Cup 90:

I was then just 8 year old small school boy, but i watched of these games like some veteran(small laughter).
It was very unique to me.
West-Germany was my favourite team.
I remember like yesterday surprisingly quite many games of those games.
I liked immediately of Rudy Voller(Germany), he had a temperament and aggressive style.
West-Germany played little like a machine, but they had really an emotion
and particularly i liked of it when the team knows exactly what move they did.
I liked too about Italian team.

I remember very well one player from Columbia team.
Some Valderrama, who has a very cool hairs.

Holland's player Marco Van Pasten did a very cool goal in those games.
England's Paul Gasgoine did too a great goal.
But usually in my mind stayed of Rudy Voller's sharps, aggressive attempts.
West-Germany won the World Cup.

West-Germany players:

Rudy Völler(great player to me)
Jurgen Klinsmann(good player)
Lotthaur Matteus(Captain?)
Stefan Roiter(OK)
Libarski(dangerous with ball
Thomas Hässler(good, fast player)
Andreas Brehme(important to his team)
Karlheinz Riedle
Andreas Möller
Bodo Illgner(GK)
Andreas Köpke(GK)
Frank Mill
Klaus Augenthaler
Guido Buchwald
Hans Pflugler
Olf Thon
Gunther Hermann
Paul Steiner
Thomas Berthold
Raimond Aumann
Jurgen Kohler

Coach, legendary Franz Beckenbauer

Usually to talked that those games was quite dulls?

I was on little boy interested of football.
We played of it a lot of in the school and also in my home.
I was a good goal scorer(hard kick) above all, fast, aggressive/intensive, grity and had some skill, but i didn't played in anywhere team.
Usually more older school guys to praises me.
Some guys was just very envious.