My Unforgiven views.


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I was talking to my mate couple of nights ago, and we were discussing Unforgiven.

The Great Khali vs Rey Mysterio:

You see, The Great Khali has a match against Rey Mysterio at the Unforgiven, who is going to win, no one knows. Apparently, Batista is going to have a feud with Rey Mysterio later on, and we all know how bad he wants Khali's title, which takes me to my point when Rey Mysterio is probably going to beat Khali, and the feud is going to start between him and Batista.

As many of you have been saying that Orton is going to win the WWE Title at Unforgiven, which I hope he really does. If he wins it, we all know that HHH wants this title. And Orton is going to have a big ass feud with HHH. If HHH ever has a title match against Orton, I wonder who is going to win. Triple H perhaps, than the feud is going to start between him and The Great Khali again, or the Undertaker perhaps. Or maybe we will see a title change again, as John Cena walks away the champion again?

I am going to look at the WWE site before posting any more stuff. Ahh, damn it, it doesn't show what other matches are going to be there.

I've just heard that Matt Hardy has challenged Umaga for his title, is going to happen at RAW, but what if this actually ends all the way at the Unforgiven?


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I hope to God that Orton wins the title. Vince sees Cena as the money maker now in the WWE because he has not given anybody else a chance with the title to show that they can hold the title just as well as Cena did. I hope that Cena finally loses but I can't really see it just yet.

Khali vs Mysterio is going to be a bust match IMO because its just what we've seen before with Mysterio against guys like Big Show or Mark Henery. It's just Big man vs Little guy so I won't really care much for that match.


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dont forget to add:

The Undertaker vs Mark Henry
LAnce Cade Trevor Murdoch vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick (World Tag Team Titles)
John Cena vs Randy Orton

2 of these are going to be announced on RAW and The Undertaker match idk when they will announce it


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Taker and Henery will be a good match I do believe however its basically known what will happen at this point so we can't really say much about it there.

Cena better lose because really they need to give somebody else a title run eventually and no time like the present.


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It's already been decided who will win! Wrestling is phony. You mean you all don't know that?????
Thank you for that, but shame is that I already knew this.

Mark Henry vs Undertaker:

I don't need to spoilers to tell me who is going to win this match, Undertaker defently. Mark Henry's contract is expiring and Undertaker better than ever. I don't have anything else to say, since I don't know what's been happening between them two.


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Yeah that match is the most obvious of the whole PPV providing something does not go wrong during the match.

Only thing now to see is if Henry can have one good last match around here because chances are he aint coming back.