I pierced it guys. I will upload pics in a week because right now it'll tear if I stick it out.

Pugzy no likey it...guess she's gotta deal huh?

My man Dilbert chillin in the back and ready for X-mas as you see. Once I can put my tongue out farther...I promise to have tons more pics.



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I might be gettin one soon

now..gimme some tips

Did it hurt?

Does it hurt when you eat or drink?
Ok, here is what happened and what the cool guy said...

First off...I got my ears pierced before...I teared up. This, didn't even affect me. I didn't flinch or make a sound. The thing that DOES hurt, is that damn little ball on the bottom that digs into my veins underneath. It's bothering me and I can't stop it. The sweeling is kinda bad, but if you talk alot using your tongue, then the swelling goes down quite a bit.

Eating can't eat yet, I haven't got my Listerine and distilled water yet. So until tomorrow, I am screwed. I can drink Bottled water just fine. No problems at all. Also, my speech is near perfect. I just have trouble saying CH and SH words...especially when an L is was funny cause I tried saying Asshole, and it came out asshoe...-__-;;

All you have to do is talk alot, whether on the phone or w/e. Drinking water alot if need be, bottled only. Distilled water and Listerine 50/50 mix after EVERY MEAL AND DRINK...unless it's bottled water.

Doing those things should be fine, just avoid oral sex(not kidding), and tongue kissing for 2 weeks. I am fine seeing as Pugz is in the UK and we don't do that stuff anywho :p

Lol YAY...piercings are fun


^too long for subtalk hahah

i remember truper krit09 having piercins too. i wouldnt though, it hurts and your limited in eating... and im a big wuss in pain haha