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Photos My sweet ride.


Registered Member

what do you think?
Sweet right?
I don't know much about cars..
I have a guy who does whatever i need done for cheap.
I know how to put gas in it and thats about it.
But it gets me from A to B and looks cool right.
No food in the car.
No drinks in the car.
No smoking in the car.
Clear your shoes too.


Registered Member
1970? Buick.

I used to have a 1967 Buick Wildcat. I loved that car. Old Buicks are the best.
Yeah... its a buick... That i do know... La.. something... Lol.. I don't know the year and stuff.. because i don't care... LOL... i know thats not seen as "Manly" but whatever...

Its a car.. it looks cool.. thats all i know.. lol... I walk still and take the bus a lot.. if i can get there by bus or walk then thats what i do.. I only use it when i need to go places the bus don't go or after bus hours.. I also use taxis in the city.. so if i can't walk or bus or take a cab i use the car then... I know thats kind of odd but i save money in the long run and stuff..


Free Spirit
Staff member
Looks like a 1970-72 Buick LaSabre to me. If you look at your pink slip or proof of insurance it will tell you the year. Those old cars had a lot of room.


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It is a Buick LaSabre.. but its got like parts from like different years on it and some new stuff a friend "Retooled" for me... like it was missing stuff so my friend made new parts for it...

So its not "Numbers Matching"...

But i don't care..

I do see "car guys" like looking at it and like taking photos with there phones..

I don't get that...

But i don't care also...