My struggle.



Hey all,

Now a lot of people are struggling to solve the puzzle called "life".
I think I got it. Something happened to me.

First off a story:

I am 16 years old (17 on the 24th :clap:September). I was really into chicks with big boobs, nice asses blond etc...
That I had since birth:p.. But then, in May 2007 something happened. We went on a school oranized trip: A week of sailing with other classmates + other students.
I've seen this girl, omg I think of her at the moment I'm tiping this.
Her boobs are not big at all, her ass neither, and some of my friends even say she's ugly... Now I didn't/don't care what they say but I think I really love this girl... The problem is that she didn't know me at that point, and I build up a friendship. When I told her I loved her, she answered: I only see you as a friend...
My heart was chainsawed... The one girl I loved and still am in love with doesn't like me...

Now what does that have to do with philosophy?
As I said, I was into perfect models, but suddently found a beautifill nice girl who I love more than anyone or anything...

My philosophy of life: Your life is a journey for you to meet that one person you are willing to share your life with...


But I encountered a problem... If that is true, and I found the one and she doesn't like me.. MY life is pointless... My friends have asked this girl if she liked me/ of it'll ever work out between us... And she said maybie. Now in my eyes that is a big NO. And I really am torn apart by this, the love of my life ( I love her for almost 5 months now) does not, is not willing to love me. That is agains't my philosophy, and according to that it is pointless to go on..

What do you think ?:(


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This problem will be solved as you get older.

I am positive that in your life you have already or will have girls madly in love with you who you would never consider. There is no kind of heartache like the heartache of the young when theirs is broken. Fortunately such heartache heals making you stronger for it.


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Well, to start off . . .

You're seventeen.

That means you have so many years of opportunities for dating, relationships, casual sex, partying, and all that good stuff ahead of you. Don't be hung up on one girl. Besides, you may have just fucked up the "I love you" thing. If you were just friends when you said it, it's no wonder she said what she did. I've always felt you have to have a relationship with someone before you can tell.

Love at first sight is a lie and always will be.

Connection at first sight? Maybe. I don't believe it's accurate that our life's journey is to find one person, it's to meet a lot of them. It's your journey to hurt, to feel loved, to not feel love in return, to be passionate, to be angry, and to be wrong as well as right. It's a lot of things and it's constantly changing which is why you need to roll with it the punches as they come rather than try and anticipate them.

In reference to the model thing, so what? We all have things that turn us on and get us off, but they change too!


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Someone once told me the purpose of life is something we all must do. The point of life is to die. Everyone has to die... 1 minute old or 105 years old... everyone dies.


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There is no point to life but whatever point you make for yourself. We're "condemned to be free" as Sartre so keenly pointed out. There are many things in the universe that are set in stone, but what you should do or think is not one of them.

pro2A said:
Someone once told me the purpose of life is something we all must do.
Taxes? That's almost depressing. ;)


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Well it IS good that you're not only into chicks with big boobs, nice asses, etc. anymore. Props for that.

That's probably how it's always going to be until later. I think love only shows itself after a certain amount of time, and anything before that might freak people out. Love is one of the few things I actually believe in. If you really love her, then stay friends with her. At least she knows you care, and maybe she'll return the feelings one day.


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The point of life from a biological standpoint is to procreate, not die.

The point of life from a philosophical standpoint I believe is simply to be happy. That is all. Achieve happiness.
But not everyone does these things....

EDIT: This is pretty obvious Pro, please expand or else it's spam, not gonna lie. - Sui


I guess so.. But I don't think you understand the problem :no:

I live in holland.. So I'm alowed to drink when 16+. I go out a lot and drink (not much tho:p).. beleive it or not there are some :censored: hot chicks that offer you a blowjob... But I'm not into that anymore. That girl is just lovely... But this is getting A little off topic...

Ill change the direction of this road:

If you think that the purpose you live for is to find a partner and you failed at that, your life is pointless?
If you think that the purpose you live for is to find a partner and you failed at that, your life is pointless?
Even if it is your purpose to have children, you haven't failed until you become sterile, which I'm guessing hasn't happened to you yet, especially not at your age. \: