My Speedometer


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On my car reads well over one hundred, but yet, the speed limit on the highway is 55 and on the interstate is 70.......
So what is the fastest you have ever drove??


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The fastest I've ever driven was 182kmh (113mph). That was in my dad's SLK though. The fastest I've gone in my own car is only 155kmh (96mph).
That said though, I don't generally speed like that. I almost always drive over the speed limit, but by like 10 or 20kmh only. I don't like "Sunday-driving". :lol:


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My experience with driving is about 1 MPH parking cars in the driveway. :lol:

But, I was with my dad driving to CT one night, and we were on a long, empty stretch, and he just gunned it. We had a 1996 Mitsubishi Diamanti, and it was doing 125MPH. We were pissing ourselves. The lights overhead were flying by, and the car was starting to rattle. I ironically remember Jimi hendrix "Crosstown Traffic" on the stereo.


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I've done about 137 MPH with my old car "2000 Mazda Millenia S (Supercharged engine)".

I've also done 130 MPH with my current car "2009 Mazda 6".
Probably just under 90mph. I love going really fast on the motorway, but anything over 80mph makes my little car's steering wheel feel wobbly so I always stick below that, bar on a few occasions. Usually I'm driving at 70 on a motorway.


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I've hit the limiter on an M3, so I guess I was doing about 155mph although I was in no position to check and I must admit I did not really enjoy going that fast. Ive gone into the 100's in quite a few vehicles, most memorable drive was a little Z1 doing about 120mph with the doors down so you could see the road just a few inches from your feet, that was fun.


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Wow! You guys have gone pretty fast. The fastest I've ever gone was 130km/h I don't see any point going any faster since the fines are so expensive here in my area.

With that said, I was in my friends Mustang once, and he hit about 180 km/h, it was pretty fun.


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Maybe I'm too careful on the highway haha...the fastest I've driven was 95 MPH and that was only ONE time and for about 5 seconds.

The speed limit on the highway where I go to work is 60 MPH so I'm usually 65 to 68 MPH.


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I don't generally drive ridiculously fast, but when I go out to Pittsburgh for anything, I usually hit about 100 at times on the highway. I've got an 05 Nissan Altima.