My... space... *sigh*


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Mr.B don't feel so bad about it, there are ppl on here who are going to friend u on there just as soon as they visit ur page lol^^; Though I won't ever get a myspace page anytime soon no sirrie srry >>;

But I do finally get to see what that pic was in ur avie, it's that boy from Fooly Cooly I think or am I wrong?
Heheh, you're right about my avy Kyo... and I'm not sighing or worried about not having enough friends on myspace (if I ever sink that low, please hit me), just the fact I made one at all is so... gah...

...and for some reason I have a sudden urge to take salacious pictures of myself and grow hair over one eye... it's disturbing.



dont get offended but most of yalls myspace kinda sucks, blurs kinda looks cool though, I would have a myspace but my only friend would be Tom, and sooner or later even he wouldnt want to be my friend..


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I just added it to my friends. I better go to the top of the list and of fusion central heroes. I also added you Senator.
Done and done marquis...

I have no idea how I got the random buggy text off on the left side, but I think it's probably the one redeeming factor of the whole site.