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Movies My Sisters Keeper - Good Mother?


aka ginger warlock
My Sisters Keeper was a real suprise for me as a film, I did not expect to love it so much and I not expect to get so emtionally wrapped up in it and to be as upset by the ending as I was. Some films do have that affect, another was "Love & Other Drugs".

One thing that has come up on IMDb and other places however is how good of a mother Sara Fitzgerald was. On the one hand she was willing to do anyting and everything she could to make sure that Kate was kept alive and did not die but on the otherside she was also willing to put Anna through painful procedures that she could not understand and had no choice in so that this may be done.

This is not an easy decision I am sure for any parent to make and god knows I would never wish to make such a decision but where do you think she falls on the bad parent scale? Do you think she was doing the right thing by doing what she did? By doing this she not only risked the life of her daughter but also the alienation of her daughter in the process. She was a good mother in the sense that should would do anything for her but a bad one that she was so blinded she could not see what she was doing.