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Wii My Sims 4 Wii


New Member
Hi guys,
Any of you been on this game yet? I cant wait to get it! All Ive heard about it sounds sooooo good, let me know what you all think.


Registered Member
IT sounds like a version of the simes which is more about building things then it is about relationships in the game. That is what I would worry about b3ecause that is what made the other sims game so interesting is the relationship buildiong aspect of it.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I always liked the house building aspect more than the relationship building aspect, but I was never much of a fan of The Sims. I only played the original. Maybe it'll turn out to be a huge hit for the Wii, it did fairly well for the PS2.


Well-Known Member
To be honest, I never did like the sims, for some raeson the games just didn't do it for me, however, it does remind me of Sim City Classic