My secret shame...


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I grew up about 10 minutes from a large ski resort but have never gone skiing. Right now, cross-country is more appealing to me. Anyone have advice for a potential newbie?


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Don't feel bad. I used to drive out to Colorado to go skiing and snowboarding but I haven't done either since I moved here last year. :-o

My advice would be to take a few days of lessons at least. It will save you some bumps and bruises. :)


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No shame in that. I live not to far from ski resorts and just this past year tried sking and snowboarding. Going to take some snowboarding lessons this winter.
I'm sorry, but you should be ashamed. Like moms around the world encouraged us to eat everything on our plate by thinking of those who were starving-- people would kill to grow up where you did. Why didn't you ever go? I imagine there were a lot of ski-bums in your HS.