My recommended stock picks


not a plastic bag
$19. It has a lot of upside but unfortunately its in the manipulation phase right now because being a recent ipo there's not a lot of public data. A few days ago a vicious report came out that tanked the price. I'm sure there will be a lot of very "smart" people that load up after this "attack" and then make huge profits down the road. buy/sell ratings are just a scam.
$19? Ouch. I would cut my losses if I were you. It was a flash in the pan and may eventually crawl back to 12 but by then you could have made a lot of money on what you have left riding another horse. Roll with cyclical stocks with an excellent track record. GORO (Gold Resource) is currently at the top of it's cycle, but if you wait it out, you'll be able to get in at a good price and ride it for over a dollar, maybe even 2. IPO's are risky business and the only way to play them is if you manage to get in at the ground floor, assuming you've picked a good one to begin with. If it's already shot up, you're too late, don't risk it. Cyclical is the way to go. The trends are MUCH more predictable. Also, Gold stocks are a good place to have money if the market does a tailspin, which I predict to happen in the next 2-4 years or sooner.
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