My recommended stock picks

I'm not much of a gambler. I don't go for those rickety bridges to paradise and hope the entire journey that the winds of market volatility remain calm. For that reason I have developed over the years strategies for screening stocks that has proven very effective in both maximizing returns and minimizing risk. The following stocks were selected using these strategies.

Recent picks...
SVM (Silvercorp Metals) on the NYSE. This stock is a rare breed as it meets all my criteria for minimizing risk. It is also a low cost option for investors with little starting capital. The cycling is a bit slow but this stock has the potential to change gears into a strong growth pattern making it promising both as a day trading and long term position stock.

FORM (Formfactor) on the Nasdaq. I've already made good returns day trading this stock and may be returning to it soon now that the price has dipped back below my modest threshold. Formfactor also meets all of my benchmarks for minimizing risk. Companies like SVM and Formfactor should be quite resilient to adverse market conditions.

AMD & NVIDIA: I've successfully day traded a long time on each of these stocks. While neither meet all of my knitpicky benchmarks for minimal risk selection, they both meet most of those benchmarks and have excellent day trading trends and strong track records. Both are also strong contenders for long term positions.

I used to trade on Micron (MU) but not in a long time. I should take a peek back into them.
If Semiconductor stocks aren't your flavor, some others I've looked at and found promising in the past included GT (Goodyear Tire) and REV (Revlon). Years ago when Revlon was trading at around $5 I was daytrading it. I kinda wish I'd stayed with it as it's now trading at $23. It's one of many stocks I've picked that has ballooned.

Hope you have as much good fortune with these picks as I have.


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I've gotten into Snapchat (SNAP) lately. A year ago Snapchat was thought to be on the way out, now all of the inovation is happening at snap.
For months it has consistently been in the top downloads. Downloads overseas are exploding, average user age is rising.
They are becoming a gaming hub. They also are working on a deal with recording agencies that will allow music added into Snapchat.
They always beat on earnings and I believe this quater they will blow the doors off on earnings.
Technically they are moving off a 52 week low and about to cross a 52 week high while still a long way from the all time high.
It's an exciting stock. It closes in the green every day.
Just finished checking it out. From the trend alone it looks good for day trading with it drifting from below 13.20 to above 15.90 4 times in the past year. I expect it will dip again very soon. Also, the longer term trend is upward. However, I was much less impressed looking at the key statistics. A major market correction would really kick this company in the nads. Still, I can't argue with that spread for short position trading.
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Right now the only thing that matters is the G20 meeting. If this trade situation isn't resolved next week, the market is going to collapse.