My posts add "Send to Phone" at the bottom


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I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem? There's certain posts I make that add "Send to Phone" on the bottom. It did it to my picture post, but then I edited it to take them out and now it's back.


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Has this happened to other people or just you?

It seems like it might be a spyware or adware problem if it's just happening to you.



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I haven't seen it anywhere else. I can delete it, but this time when I deleted it it came back.


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I recall seeing another post today with similar "send to phone" information. I thought maybe the poster was sending from a mobile phone. It could be the same poster though, but different post (I just know it's not in the pic thread).


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I saw this in the "George Bush had a show thrown at him" (or something) thread in the Politics section. Whoever posted the photoshopped pic of Bush in the Matrix.


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I had this problem premerge. Except it was "" that was at the end.

Tis spyware, just get a program and run a system scan. Should work.