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My post won't stick


Registered Member
I tried to reply to the "Cannibas Anyone" thread and it won't work.When I go to see it,it's not there.Am I doing something wrong?


yellow 4!
It should be there now, someone must have approved it for you.

As a new member, some of your posts may go into moderation before they show up. It's normal and doesn't usually take mods long at all to approve them. It shouldn't happen any longer though as you've got a higher post count now.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I see your post. You should be able to see it too now.

Most posts of newbies are auto tagged for moderation (as a precaution) and moderators have to manually approve the post before it shows up (which I think what happened to your post before I even saw it). Just wait. Also, as you post more, the system that tags your post for moderation eases up.