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My parents suck too.


New Member
If my parents piss me off, I like to get revenge. I don't live with them anymore because they kicked me out for no reason! They are really strick sons of a bitches and they are NOT the same people they used to be. They wanted me to go to their church with them, and one time my dad even pulled me off the couch by my arm and made me go see a pastor against my will. And I am well over 18. I am an adult. I should have kicked his ass when he did that. I did not have to go with him, but he kept insisting so much and it really pissed me off so much that when we got back I had a migraine headache for the rest of the day. I really do now wish I would have kicked his ass to this day. I had every right. Now it bothers me. I want to teach them they don't mess with me. Problem is there are two of them and one of me. I could take them both on, and that is how I feel sometimes. Even though I feel like it sometimes when I get so angry, I know thats not the answer. I need to think of non-violent things to do to get even. But what??? My mom continually harassed and threatened me when I lived at home. Then she would say religious crap like she didn't think I was going to heaven, etc etc. Tell it to someone who cares. Damn. What can I do. What can I do? Once my mom grabbed MY cat and almost beat it to death for no reason! Get that! My mom is a fucking psycho, and I know I need to deal with my anger in a better way. But I feel like nobody can help me. I am on social security for some unknown illnesses-mostly mental, probably because my mom screwed my mind up so much. I come from a messed up family. One time my dad got drunk and was so drunk he was going to go out back with a shotgun and blow away the neighbors because they did something bad. My mom had to stop him. One time he got so drunk my mom took the keys from him so he wouldn't drive so he took a brick and threw it through the window to get into his truck. What do you think of my family. Do you think they messed me up??? Sure, they go to church, but that doesn't mean a damn thing. You can go to church and still be a complete psychopath.


It fell off.
First things first: BREATH!

Secondly; Go for a walk or something. It sounds like you've basically exploded from keeping your anger in soo much, or you're about too- maybe you should get a blog to type it all out, writing has helped my anger immensely.. When you start to get angry, breath, count to 10- go for a walk- don't fight back, it'll only make things worse.

You said you don't live in their house anymore- well; that's probably a good thing, from how much trouble it sounds like that you have. But when you are their and you get into fights with them; Don't think about getting back at them, and trying to figure out some way to get revenge. it's not the way to go.

trust me; I'm 18- live with my parents; and my home life isn't good at all. I'm constantly getting yelled at for something I (most of the time) didn't do. Sometimes my mom yells until she loses her voice. but I know that if I fight back, it'll only make things worse. Yes, it sucks to not be able to say anything, but it's a lot better than getting into more trouble, and having her start hitting me or something.

Take a deep breath, write it out- maybe take up boxing or running or something to get your anger out- go talk to a therapist- figure out the best way on how to calm yourself down.

If you need anything I'm here for ya.



rainbow 11!
Take up some exercise and calm down.

Revenge isn't a good idea, but if you really want it, just break off all ties with them.

You don't live with them, correct? So there should be no problem. Change your number, maybe move if you can. Ignore their calls if you don't want to/can't change your number.


Registered Member
Sounds to me like you need a productive outlet for that anger. I used to have anger issues. I once kicked a hole in our wall...my foot when clean through. My cousin made me so mad once that I got my hands around his throat and it took 3 people to pull me off him. Of course, this was all when I was a teenager. I'm 26 now and I have managed to find that balance between light and dark.

I know they are your parents but if I were you, I would severely limit the amount of time I spent with them. Obviously, that kind of behavior is detrimental to anyone's health (phsyical and mental).

Another thing, when you're that frustrated and you're writing things out, stop and focus on breaking up the sentences and paragraphs. You don't realize that just by focusing on the grammatical layout of what you're typing, you'll be letting go of some of your anger.

Revenge isn't really the answer either. You might not want to use a violent method but if what you did do backfires, then next time you might be inclined to try something more dramatic. Eventually, it'll escalate and someone could really get hurt.


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Revenge isn't the answer, you say you are an adult and no longer live at home so stop looking back and start making your present and looking towards the future.
Anger and hatred are negative emotions which will eat you up inside, let them go and start living.


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I agree with the dont fight back and just breath/write it out

personally ive never had to write it out, but the girl im sort of seeing writes poems when she gets any anger or any emotion and shes darn good at writing and says it helps her

i guess my only problem is fighting back is the worst, but even if i dont fight back, it seems like they get madder if i dont show them that im acknowledging them


It fell off.
i guess my only problem is fighting back is the worst, but even if i dont fight back, it seems like they get madder if i dont show them that im acknowledging them
Agreed- If I don't acknowledge it my parents flip. usually saying "yes/no" at the appropriate times- and nodding works for mine though.


The Hierophant
What you need to do first is mix some ammonia and bleach. Inhale the fumes deeply and you'll calm down.

Secondly, move out. If they're that huge of a problem, I don't see how it's so hard to know to get the fuck away from the problem.

Third, see a god damned shrink. You have issues. I know from the one post that I've seen of yours. I'm an expert at analyzing people at one post. Prove me wrong.

Fourth, grow up, let your balls drop, and be a man.


Not a Scientologist
Good lord, an internet board is not some place you use to write down all your feelings. Get a journle. And to Hiei, isn't that the recepy to mustard gas?