My one and only...

No post counts? Randomized threads? Here we go...

I want to let everyone here know that I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND ALYSSA. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and we have been going strong for 4 years in April.

Be happy for us as I am. It's a great thing. I love her very much, and I figured I would share my feelings.
Dude your snail is named must be related to my Alyssa...who's related to Sephiroth's Alyssa....

Its all a crazy Alyssa traingle!!!!!!
Nice...I am in g/f is in NY. Where I left her when I moved..but I fly in regularly to see her. Like I will be in about 1 month.

she is 16 I am 18


Alyssa triangle...sounds hot xD
I do too. Seeing as I am 18 and we have been together for 4 years. We have experienced more than most relationships have. Alot of people tell us not to be too serious as there is a whole world to experience. I don't want to experience the world...I found it already.