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My old website is haunting me no one can help


New Member
I migrated my website recently with a new host and on a wordpress platform.
The problem is on my own laptop it keeps on finding my old website despite the fact on other computers it goes to the new website.

I have repeatedly flushed the dns and removed all browser history over and over as people suggest but this does nothing to resolve the problem.

I thought it was to do with my 3 network dongle but then it happened when plugged into my partners broadband!

Help I have a half finished website and can't update it because of this!!!!!!!!


Registered Member
This is probably not a likely cause of the problem, but if the laptop is running Windows, check the hosts file for any reference to your site. Maybe it is set up to send requests for your domain name to the old site's IP address.


Registered Member
I agree with Eilt_Druin, but if that fails, and you feel the website is important enough, you could reformat your laptop? Depending on the operating system, the process is rather simple. You could google how to reformat with your operating system. Alternatively, you could try to get hold of a PC repair centre and they could reformat the laptop for you. It all depends on how important the website is!

Good luck anyway, and I hope the website goes well!