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My Old Deck


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both dragon and spellcaster have their strong points. i would suggest getting the spellcaster structure deck and mingling it with your own take and design. spellcasters can be speedy and strong when built correctly.


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You want a spellcaster and Dragon deck? Build a Dark Paladin deck. It is a spellcaster that gains attack for every dragon in either players grave and can negate spells for a discard.


Ms. Malone
That sounds MINT! but i'd have no where to put it into practice...unless....hmm...i need to talk to Kai!


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Pugs, if you can get set up on Yugioh Virtual Desktop (YVD) we can help you to build and test the deck without having to buy the cards or find people to play against. You can then build the deck for tourney play if you want.

download YVD
YVD sets and card images
I'm sure some one will be willing to help you get it set up and show you how to play with us.

By the way, the Download YVD takes you directly to the download prompt. It does not take you to the downloads page at Xerocreative.com.


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I hope that helps and if you need any further assistance most of us play on YVD so that shouldn't be a problem. Oh, and it can be very troublesome to set up, but once you have it working you won't experience many problems.


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It goes like this:

run 2 or 3 Dark Paladin a fusion of dark Magician and Buster Blader

2 or 3 Dark Magician
3 King of the Swamp - Searches Polymerization and takes the place of Buster Blader
2 or 3 Polymerization

Those are the essential parts of the deck there, but you will want some dragons. I recommend 3 Spear Dragons for offensive power. You might prefer 3 Luster Dragons for stability. Run a lot of Spellcasters and support too.

I would put together a deck for you, but my mind is not on it right now and I'm sure others could do it better.


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I'm rahter surpried I haven't bad mouththis back in my day. Oh well thats all gone with. What I will say is this. Decks like this may me not come in this section.