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My Old Deck


Ms. Malone
I haven't dueled in....well AGES and bearing in mind that half my deck is porbably illegal...well...i wanna know what you think anyway ^_^ I'm old fashioned and love ALL my cards! (some are Jap too)

Monsters (22)
Curse Of Dragon
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (x2, first and second edition)
Paladin Of White Dragon
Luster Dragon 2
Amazon Archer (Jap)
Marie The Fallen One (Jap)
Darkly Big Rabbi (Jap and kicks ass!)
Des Koala (Jap)
Red-Eyes Balck Dragon
Slifer The Sky Dragon (Jap)
Mad Sword Beast
Mystical Elf
Gaia The Fierce Knight
Dark Magician
The Forgiving Maiden (Jap)
Celtic Guardian
Witch Of The Black Forest (x2)

Trap (9)
Shadow Of Eyes
Gift Of The Mystical Elf
Mask Of Weakness (Jap)
Deal Of Phantom
Shadow Spell
Just Desserts
Secret Barrel (Jap)
SpellBinding Circle

Magic (9)
Malevolent Nuzzler
Monster Reborn
Black Pendant
Graceful Charity
Book Of Secret Arts
White Dragon Ritual
Fairy Meteor Crush
Return Of The Doomed (Jap)
Chosen One (Jap)

Side deck
Lord Of D.
Crimson Sentry (Jap)
Lady Assailant Of Flames (Jap)
Gamble (Jap)
Rush Recklessly
Dian Keto The Cure Master
Fake Trap
Remove Trap
Soul Release
Burst Breath
Change of Heart
Riryoku Field
Ryu-Kishin Powered
La Jin The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp
The Dragon Dwelling In The Cave

Hmmm...i've got too many monsters and enough trap and magic....and i haven't touch my side deck in a while...o_O


The only thing I have to say is that just look around on the boards and look at everone elses deck and see if you can come up with a theme that you would like to play with.


Ms. Malone
I don't really want a certain theme, i think if you have a theme you're just easier to beat. I love a mixture of everything...that's my theme i guess XD


lol well thats interesting thought process pugz...but its been proven not to work for this game =\

hey your deck looked like mine when i was still getting into the game...lol me and my friends always misused cards but we had fun


haha yeah i remember those days, good times, back when i had cards and didnt really know how to play, i went off of the show, i'd be like, ok i have 4 blue eyes in my hand, SUMMON THEM ALL AND U DIE!!!!!!! lmao .... but now i know better and im actually good, im always winnign torneys


Pugz said:
I haven't dueled in....well AGES and bearing in mind that half my deck is porbably illegal...well...i wanna know what you think anyway ^_^ I'm old fashioned and love ALL my cards! (some are Jap too)
Darkly Big Rabbi (Jap and kicks ass!)
xD i have that card in English but its a fake card, it has all 5 exodia pieces and its INFINETE atk and def xD

Card Description: When the Beelzebub,s ( i suppose they wanted an apostrophe, not a comma) demon has been unleashed, something something something.... i donno i have to look for it xD but i know it makes no sense and its grammar sux.

I could be ur teacher and teach u how to play competitively and teach u some rulings if u want, just don’t end up calling me "Teach" lol


Ms. Malone
The cards in english but its got a jap Yu-Gi-Oh logo in the bottom corner on the back.

I've never really had any practice....ever! Well...except for my step sister and she sucked. There were never any tourneys around either so i never knew how good my deck was :(

*Huggles* and thank you Kai, i'd love it if you teached me ^_^


this deck needs a theme first...then it needs a lot of fixing...I can help you if you want.


Ms. Malone
I've always wanted a dragon and spellcaster deck when i was really into the game, but like i said, i don't play anymore so i don't bother collecting. I've still got some spare cards laying around, but i just like having them around.