My new toast auction. My funniest yet!


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HI Nanner,
Glad you peeked in. Nice to hear you're having a good time in Florida. Wish I was there too. :)

Thanks for watching this. My silver lining auction is not going to fly this time unfortunately ( just not getting the traffic or interest that it did the first time).

Hopefully I can recoup a little on this one.

Don't worry, I won't post any spoilers from American Idol to ruin things for you!!


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Nanner said:
Yo Dawg! Listen up're not only in the dawg house with this are top Dawg! LOVE it! (OK I peeked at one more auction....I'm the only one awake yet another morning around here...gotta do something...and yes I'm watching) :)


Now I'm not peeking here again cuz I won't see who gets kicked off this week til I get shhhhhhhh! :D (hope it's weiny boy)!
LOL I was glad to see Scott Savio go.......I wanted him to go LONG before he did......He just gave me the creaps....


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That sounds kinda fishy. They bid on it, then ask you to change it to pre-approved. that will most likely drive people away from bidding on the auction. Least thats the way it seems to me.


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They emailed me first and said they would participate if I changed it to pre approved bidders.

I thought it was strange too, but it is the same Golden palace that bid on all the others. You can check by their previous wins.

Maybe they are doing this now so people don't bid it up liike crazy on purpose?

Have they ever asked anyone else to make it preapproved bidding?
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