My new toast auction. My funniest yet!


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hahaha I love it!! I don't know how you come up with these


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I'm glad you like it. Now if I could just manage to get some news coverage on it.

I'm wondering who I have to pay off to get that to happen. LOL


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I think that is cool. So yours should go for double what the bride toast because you are selling 2 pieces: LOL I love that auction. It is funny.


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That's right. What a bargain!!!! 2 slices instead of 1.

I think the market value on that would be $30,000 by Ebay's standards.

Everyone please add it to your watch list, if you haven't already.



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wolvergambit said:
Thanks, I'm a big idol fan too.

I just updated it with a funny convo using all of Paula's songs. Let me know what you think!!

Hey girl! I added you to my watch list also! TOo funny! I'm a big idol fan too! GOO BO!!! He's my fav! Who is yours?


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omg...I guess I'm the square peg! I have no idea who Bo is!! Last time I saw Idol...some little guy won it that looked like Peter Pan!! hahahaha! But if Paula Abdul can make my friends a couple of bux w/ her choice of playtoy boys...more power to you all!


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Yo Dawg! Listen up're not only in the dawg house with this are top Dawg! LOVE it! (OK I peeked at one more auction....I'm the only one awake yet another morning around here...gotta do something...and yes I'm watching) :)


Now I'm not peeking here again cuz I won't see who gets kicked off this week til I get shhhhhhhh! :D (hope it's weiny boy)!