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As you some of may already know, every three months I change up my routine. Well now I have a whole new routine, and I decided to show you guys. Right now I do three sets, six reps each. The reason why I'm doing only six reps is because I increased my weight by a drastic measure. Also during some workout exercise for my last set I'll do a superset, meaning if I'm doing barbell curls, I'll have 30lbs on each side, so I'll do six reps with 30 on each side, six of 20 on each side, six reps with 10 on each side, then just do six reps with the bar. But when I work my abs, I do three sets of 12-15 reps.

Alright so here you go, here's my routine. I won't put the number of reps and sets beside the excercise since I already stated how many I do.

Workout #1
-Incline Dumbbell
-Dumbbell/Smith Bench
-Hammer Strength Decline
-Incline Dumbbell Flyes
-Lower Abs

Workout #2
-Chins(I switch grips on every set)
-Barbell Rows
-Hammer Strength Row
-Hammer Strenght Hi-Rows

Workout #3
-Leg Extensions
-Leg Press/Squats
-Hack Squats
-Lying Leg Curls
-Standing 1-Leg Curls
-Standing Calf Raises
-Seated Calf Raises

Workout #4
-Dumbbell Shoulder Press
-Smitch Smachine Behind Neck Presses
-Side Dumbbell Laterals
-Front Dumbbell Raises
-Upper Abs

Workout #5
-Barbell Curls
-Preacher Curls
-Incline Dumbbell Curls
-Hammer Curls

-Skull Crushers
-Overhead French Presses
-Reverse 1-Arm Pressdowns
-Total Abs

So that's my routine, add some cardio in there as well.
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Sultan of Swat
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HAHA!!! Who do you think I am? Arnold Schwarzenegger!

This is for six different days, lets say I start tomorrow then I'll do workout number one on Monday, and the second one on Tuesday.