My new pet spider! ^_^

And I'm Arachnophobic.

Since it' Summer I'm seeing more and more spiders infest my room. They set up their little homes in some convenient and some not so convenient locations. Typically, if they set up their homes in areas I frequent regularly and need access to I'll tend to shoo them off (not kill). However, if they build a home up in the corner or in an area I hardly go / touch then I just leave them be. Is that strange?

When I was younger my thought process was "Ah, spider, they're going to eat me and crawl into my mouth when I'm sleeping! EEK!!" Now, while I still have that sneaky suspicion that they'll still try to crawl into my mouth while I'm sleeping I came to peace with that. Hopefully, they just don't lay eggs or something MORE devious. o_O -- Err..., now that I'm older I don't feel threaten by these spiders anymore. I feel as if they are living beings just searching for a home to crash in for awhile, like their summer getaway. My thought process is so silly when it comes to spiders that I believe the fear is finally gone. Heck, I'm sitting next to one right now and I don't have a care in the world about it. It actually looks quite cute considering the fear is finally gone.

So, do you let spiders live with you? Do you kill or shoo them away? What do you do to Mr./Mrs./Miss Spider when they invade your home? :D
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I scream and then ask my boyfriend to take care of it. Taking care of it could be a smack to the head with a newspaper or a cup and some paper to trap it and let it free. It all depends on the size of the beast I suppose.
I have an irrational fear of them and I won't be able to go back in to the room unless I know it's gone for sure. If it gets away I break out in a sweat. I am not sure what it is about them that scares me so much. Possibly when they run fast and also jump sometimes.
I just leave them be, usually no matter what. The only exception is if it's in my room, and huge. I never kill spiders myself because either a) they're too small for me to bother about or b) too big so I'll get my dad to do it for me. I'm not afraid of them as such, it's just I'm apparently awful at getting rid of fast moving insects and much more likely to miss than he is.


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I don't like spiders, at all. I probably fall under the irrational fear category.

I would kill them because I wouldn't be able to stand knowing that they are there. I lived out in the country growing up, and we used to always get these huge grass spiders that would jump out at us.

They look like this:
And this is a huge pic, btw.



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If you could shoo them before, chances are you weren't really arachnophobic (just a regular hater, haha). My relationship with spiders have improved a bit but still when I see any spider bigger than my fingernail, my reflex is to run away.

Even pictures do that to me so thanks AK for putting that in spoiler tag...whatever it looks like.


It's not me, it's you.
Yeah Ysa, don't look at that. It's a big spider.

I don't like looking at pictures of them either. When I was searching for one that it most looked like, it gave me the willies.


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I let them live, but if they're too close I'll just bring 'em outside or somewhere further from me. They kill the real creepy bugs so I let them stay.


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I had a big ass black widow in my room this last Sunday. I sprayed it with Raid and killed it :hah:

But other than that I've got all kinds of spiders in my room. We've got a few hobo spiders that live in the window sills and some daddy long legs that stick to the corners. I dont have a problem with them mostly cause no matter what I do more will always take their place.

I live in the country so I've learned to be at peace with most critters, my rule is... dont bite me and I wont kill you :hah: