my new kobe sig

text is very bad lol. the render is pretty nice, lighting is nice the blending could be better it kinda just looks like he is a stock pasted onto the bg...which it is but the key is to make it not look like that
I like it a lot actually... the render with the brightness right behind him looks really good... Big problems are the same as what Blur said... the text looks pretty random and ugly, and you need to blend him into the render, cause he's all aliased.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I really like the sig, I love the picture you took for the sig, and I love the background, but I agree the writing can be better.


blend kobe into the background a little more and use some saturation to make the image of him a little darker so it doesnt look like he is glowing compared to the rest of the image. fluidness is what makes images look awesome instead of good. :)