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My new eBay store


Wanna play?
Well, not really mine but I put it together for my husband and his new business partner. There's no place in the forum to promote stores, so I figured this spot is as good as any. :)

eBay Store - lawnscare: Hallowen props

Only 3 days up,and it's doing pretty darn good so far.


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Staff member
Cool. I like the colors. :D

Hey you better not show that to Nightsurfer.. he is a compulsive Halloween collector as you know and I'd hate to see him have to check into eBay Addicts Anonymous. :D

How many stores do you have now? (You know you can turn on your signature eBay store banner too if you want to show it off some more.) :)


Registered Member
Looks good. I am not really into Halloween, but some of props look great. Especially that air gun, probably makes quite a noise.


what? no pink?
yes it does look good Angel. I am the same as Mr. Snipes, I am not into Halloween much either. I do have a friend that is really into it though. I will have her check your store out. :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya.

I just peeked in and I love all those wondurful toys you got! :nod: :D

I might have to see what kind of a deal you can get me on a few things.

Hey Angel do you have any of those inflatable Haunted Houses in stock? Or can you get them cheaper than 350.00?

I know it's cheating but I need one = )

But the store looks good. You are gonna sell more than just static props right?
Is the store gonna sell FX makeup and such too?


Wanna play?
But the store looks good. You are gonna sell more than just static props right?
Is the store gonna sell FX makeup and such too?
Are you sure you looked at the store? :lol: Yes, there are more than just static props. If you go to scareparts.com you can see they have awesome animatronic props, but they are not going into the eBay store, these are for the high end collectors.
As far as the inflatable, I'm not familiar with the vendors, sorry. And no, we won't be doing any of the makeup, it's just not what the company specializes in.
Keep an eye out, I'm starting up some auctions for a haunt looking to slim some of their excess inventory, I'll le tyou know when it's up and running.


Wanna play?
Less than 2 weeks in and 8 items sold for over $1400.00 :)
I'd say we're off to a good start!
Now, if we could just reduce eBays bite a bit...ouch!