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My new build.


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I'm liking the Blu-Ray Drive, that's one thing my current computer simply can't ever have (I don't have any open SATA ports), and one of the main reasons I'd be looking to build a new one.

How loud is that thing? I know that I have a cooler master case with 8 fans in it and it's super loud, I shove that thing under the desk cause I can't stand that much noise. :lol:

A 512mb card paired with that much ram and processor power should be no problem.

My computer gets 60 FPS on World Of Warcraft (I rarely if ever play that game, I just happen to have it, connected to my private server so there's no monthly payment) I just checked.

60 fps with all of the graphics turned all the way up (including the light and edge softener which takes an incredible amount of power to run at full graphics.)

-GeForce 8800 GT 512mb
-Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz

Your computer owns mine in just about every way, I'm sure it'll be able to run just about any game at very good speeds.


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My room looks terrible in those pics. I need to finish that remodel I barely started.

The fans themselves aren't loud. The biggest problem I have right now is the sound of the air from the rear fan. It's a 120mm and it's moving a lot of air around. I'm going to work on that tonight. The CPU idles at 30c and never breaks 37c. So the air noise might be a good trade off in the long run.