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My Neighboor over dosed on Crystal Meth. ( Pics & Video ).



I was in my bathroom pooping. The shower went off next door. Some one started to cry and scream. She screamed " Help me ". I get off the toilet and run to the door. I pound on her door and no answer. I go back in and im scared as fuck. Eric ( My onlein friend ) and I ask him what to do really fast. I run over there and shes out side in a towel naked screaming. My neighboors over 3 apartments called the cops first since she got to there door first. I ran out and helped her to her room to lay down. I ran out to get my camera and she was taken care of. In the mean time I took pics of the cop cars and her getting taken away to the hospital. She looked so bad in the video I got that ill have uploaded in a bit.








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I fail to see why the women was screeming. For that matter why was she even doing drugs, naked at that.


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It's good you heard her and tried to help man. That's very respectable. I honestly don't know what I would have done. That's a pretty scary situation. You did good.


YEah I'm amazed you helped too. If someone screamed while I was taking a shit (or anything else for that matter), I think I would have ignored it. People scream here all the time, I can only assume i'd be use to it by now.


lavoidgaskins said:
I fail to see why the women was screeming. For that matter why was she even doing drugs, naked at that.
She was in the bathroom while I was in mine. She turned the shower of after she did the drugs. I ran out and she had white lips and her eyes were all puffy. She said she over dosed on meth. She was naked at that point. She got in the stretcher after she put clothes on.

Yeah everyone it was pretty exciting but scary.

And to blur. Your a bitch man I dont even like this site any more. i dont want to be a mod re move me from being a mod. I dont want duties I just came here to hang out with my good friend.


WOW. Are you really bipolar or just a general dick? Well you can bet your ass you wont get around here talkin to me like that, especially over something so incredibly minor. And to think I complimented your photos...wow. Congradulations on leaving me absolutely dumbfounded...I have no idea where that came from but I know where it's gonna get you.



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Can I argue too?
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