My "name the redneck puppies" auction


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Hi all,

Well, I just made level 3, so now I can "legally" link to my auction :D We had a slew of puppies 2 weeks ago - 21 of 'em - and I'm trying to raise money to have their mamas fixed (when their puppies are all gone)! I willl find good homes for all of them - anyone living near Northeast Georgia can pick up a free Redneck Puppy in 3 to 4 weeks...I'll be sitting in front of Wal Mart all day in my van until they are all gone :D Please watch this auction...feel free to ask any questions you may have! Item # 5578610438 in case link doesn't work....I only have 1 day left! Thanks!

Redneck puppies


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21 puppies... they really are a redneck clan eh? hehehe... good luck...

What are the two breeds? Is the one a Golden Retriever... they look like beautiful dogs and pups... too bad you are so far away I would adopt one if I was better to take care of one...
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HI, I like your auction! I hope you have better luck than I did on a Name rednecks puppies auction, I had no luck at all! :grin: