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My Music Recorded on Video


Creeping On You
I got around to recording a bunch of videos of my songs today. Here they are. it's almost like a concert I have so many

First, here's a couple that I recorded not today but another day.

YouTube - Tear Me Down
Verse (DmDmAmG)
a hole in the wall
a fist to my head
a shuddering crash
as I'm flung to the floor

all of this pain
it seems so unfair
I need someplace to run
I need someplace to hide

And then someone came to me
shared with me your word
I was lifted up
I was given hope

Taken from that dark place
surrounded by your light
I started feeling awesome
I simply started feeling


I felt like I could do anything I wanted to
I felt like I had the whole world in my hands
I gave myself wings and tried to soar high
but you came
to set me straight
and I sank


Deeper than the sea
You'll tear me down
Even from mount everest
you tear me down
I'm nothing Lord, I'm nothing Lord
compared to you

Our heads are getting bigger
thinking that we're in control
As great as I become
to the eyes of man
I'm nothing Lord, I'm nothing Lord
Please tear me down


Lord, you revealed to me
just what I must do
help me to set forth
simply doing your will

Lord I'm not perfect
But I think I'm dang close
I bask in your glory
and walk in your word

the people they love me
they want to follow
the path I am leading
the path into heaven

Deep in my heart rots
sin, disgusting and vile
pride and envy inside
I was dirt in your eyes

prechorus 2

I was thinking I could do anything I wanted to
I was thinking I had the whole world in my hands
I was trying to fly higher on my self given wings
but you came
to set me straight
and I sank



Ruin me Lord, oh tear me down
So I may be lifted up
Break me Lord, oh tear me down
I am yours, your will be done.

YouTube - Face of Failure
Am C
if everything was crystal clear
wouldnt life be sweet and dear
if everything was crystal clear
noone would have to shed a tear
but nothing is just as it was
a blurry window to the future near
a constant change hanging in the air
life is just one giant mirror

G Em Am Am
trying to make it through this life
G Em Dm Am
trying to be happy in a sea of discontent
trying to make it to the top
trying to succeed in the face of all this failure

if everything were laid out for you
oh how it would make life so easy
if everything was planned out for you
oh how easy it would be to simply follow
but all of life requires work
a little effort, a little might
just don't give up, fight the fight
and in the end, you'll soon find

starting to make it through this life
starting to be happy in a sea of discontent
starting to make it to the top
starting to succeed in the face of all this failure

you have everything you ever wanted
and yet, that's still not enough
you have everything you ever wanted
and still inside you feel an empty hole
material things are a waste of time
once you have the best, another appears
you'll never be on top, just really close
and the facts settle in and soon you are

dying now that you've made it through this life
dying of discontent in a sea of happiness
dying up here, sitting at the top
dying like a failure in the face of your success

G Em Am Am
failing to make it through this life

YouTube - Dark Illusions
Sometimes it feels
like I'm losing control
Succumbing to emotions
that are not really there
Even though I know,
that this pain is an illusion
I still have inclinations
of letting it all go

even though I know
that my future will be grand
I still can't shake this feeling
that nothing lies ahead
my world it seems bleak
my life has lost its color
my life has lost its purpose
now I simply exist

In this world of illusions
where emotions are not real
In this world of mass intrusion
where joy no longer reigns
where the light once shone so brightly
only darkness does remain
but brightly in the distance
there shines a light of hope

reality is seeping through
my brick wall of emotions
crumbling into dust
the hardened edges of my soul
I have never felt the truth
in oh so long a time
patiently I wait to see
if time will heal my wounds

A helping hand is all I need
to help my heart pull through
I turn to my oldest friend
he's always pulled me through
he took me to the water
and washed away my sin
now he's walking by my side
as I travel down this path


now as I sit here
pondering the present
my future seems so bright
while my past is bleak and dry
but ever ever farther
away it falls behind
until it settles in the dust
far gone from my mind

he is my hope I cling on tight
unwilling to let go
my future is my destiny
and he will lead the way
the darkness of my past will not
encroach into my life
for there he walks right by my side
with him I'm not alone

YouTube - Ace of Hearts.avi
Carry onward over the mountains
And through the grass so sweet it smells
Sweet as your light and golden hair
Simple things about you that I love

From forests beyond and fields from afar
Your sweet melody carries forth
Your smile gone as I walk by
Your feelings are inversions of mine

| Through Everglades and meadow woods |
| Im searching far and wide for you |
| You left me behind with half your heart |
| I journey now to return it to you
though the journey is ever long
nothing can stop me from proving my love
so wait right there where you are
and I'll bring the rest of your heart for us to share |

Near crystal lakes and rolling hills
Your sparkling eyes they shine so bright
Your angelic face it captures me so
oh why must you evade me so

My broken heart your unknowing sould
Shall never meet in happy bliss
Ignorance and innocence
May yet save you form a broken heart


The music fades as the sun sets low
My heart its sinks as you walk away
You may never know how much I love you
Your heart it remains, unknowing

Ever farther away you grow
From my sweet and whole and caring love
My heart it yearns to be with you
But my love for you remains unseen

YouTube - Jive Within My Heart.avi
it was so long ago when i first saw your face
behind the coffee counter at the coffee shop
you smiled back at me as i walked back to my car
blushing as you turned to wipe the countertop

my mind in disarray as i felt something brandnew
a feeling in deep inside i'd never felt before
a tingle and a jingle as emotions swirled round
you reached right through my ribcage and touched my inner core

a feeling deep inside
a jive within my heart
a tingle in my soul
as your love rips me apart

I can't go on like this
as the love tremours shake my bones
gotta stabalize this love reaction
before this love rips me apart

as you approach my stomach turns to mush
hand starts to shake, heart starts to pump
face turns red, with a blush of affection
in my throat there forms what feels like a lump

you hand it touches mine, i feel so overwhelmed
i return your embrace, I know this isn't wrong
pheremones on the air as emotions start to stir
the night is so silent and that becomes our song


parting is hard but I'll see you later
i miss you every moment and every single hour
i see you in the morning and every single night
this love that we now share it will never go sour

forever we are joined in our emotions
emotions so plenty, excited and happy
peace and joy abundant everywhere
as we walk into the moonlight i give a playful shove


That's all for now. I'll have more as they finish uploading.


Creeping On You
YouTube - You're My Girl.avi

your smiles are so abundant
it seems like your eyes, they smile
your voice is a sweet melody
to hear it I'd walk the mile

your face like that of an angels
one could swear you came from heaven
a gift from god you must be
sent down from cloud number seven

Your my girl and I love you so
and I don't ever wanna let you go
A gift from God they say you must be
But I love you darling its so easy to see
Your face in my mind blows me away
as to the music we start to sway
the things you do they make me smile
every single, minute hour

Thins you say have me entranced
I'm entralled in your every word
the way you move it makes me ponder
of a small and pretty blue bird

Fly away with me right now
to a place ever so remote
so I can watch the universe
in your sweet and pretty blue eyes


I want your heart right cloes to mine
I know its crazy insano
but one thing still remains true
my love you will last forever

Your face is ever so radiant
like the full moon on a clear night
your eyes they hold the univers
as they smile right back at me

The last three songs. Ace of Hearts, Jive in my Heart and You're My Girl were songs I wrote about some girls I liked back in highschool. cheesy, i know.


Lion Rampant
Good stuff, Danny Phantom! I enjoyed the capo sound in the first one a lot. With a producer and a manager, you could probably hook many fans on this heartfelt stuff.

But dude - you have to sing us the hernia song.


Creeping On You
I'll do up the hernia song tomorrow. I promise, but that'll be a subtalk thread =P This stuff be serious business.

here's two more, and I got three more to upload.

YouTube - Rock Bottom.avi
bright light shining in through the window
do you see it
birds are chirping out a melody
do you hear them
the whole wide world is spinning all around you
life is passing by and you hardly even notice
why the long face, whats got you down
why are you sad
when you really should be glad

you're falling down to the depths of despair
but don't despair because one thing is still true

there's only one way to go when you've hit rock bottom
only one way to go when you've fallen from the top
when you feel your world slipping, hang onto one thing
you can only go up from hereeee, yes you can only go up from heerre

you wake up monday morning, it's hard to going
drink some coffee
you try start your car, it takes 12 tries
you're getting angry
the traffic is horrendous, you get to work late
your boss is yelling at you, but you don't even care
you're sitting at your desk but you're doing no work
why are you there
when you really should be home

prechorus 2
your life seems so drab, it's lacking appeal
don't be depressed because one thing is still true

there's only one way to go when you've hit rock bottom
only one way to go when you've fallen from the top
when you feel your world slipping, hang onto one thing
you can only go up from hereeee, yes you can only go up from heerre

YouTube - Can't Beat Me Down.avi

i still remember that day so long ago
when you came into my life/ started to wreak havoc
I knew from the start that I didn't like you
when you wouldn't take my mom as your wife

at first it was fine and you seemed okay
I thought maybe I was wrong to assume
but then your colours shone and I saw through your mask
and my hatred I was quick to resume

it went on like that for a couple of years
and things started to get worse
you wanted control and you wanted your way
so you stomped your foot and started to curse

that wasn't too bad and I'd learned to live
with your childish tantrums and strife
then you started to swing your pudgy little fists
and you tried to start ruling my life

*Chorusish Bridge
*Well you can't beat me down, you won't beat me down
*i've got spirit of steel, a broken body but a spirit of steel
*maybe sticks and stones, maybe sticks and stones are gonna break my bones
*but your petty insults, but your petty little insults never will

(chorus) bridgeishthingy D C G Am
(but that's all in the past and I barely remember
how you beat me to the ground and you tried to break my spirit)
I was a little tiny boy, who never meant noone no harm
fists are no solution but you didn't want to hear it

(but that's all in the past and I barely remember
how you beat me to the ground and you tried to break my spirit)
I'm a giant hulking man, and I only mean you harm
this here's my right fist, you're damn well gonna fear it

you were a very, very horrible man
in every way, you deserved to die
while the other children, went outside to play
i was in my room nursing a concussion

I got it just that day from you balled up fucking fist
that you swung at me in anger for some stupid bullshit reason
perhaps it was because I'd merely voiced out my opinion
just tell me to shut up, you don't need to cave my head in

but I guess that in the end, its only physical pain
scars will heal, bones will mend and bruises go away
although your fists and words did much to wreck my body
this anger that I harbour is only slicing up my soul

need to learn to let go, let the past remain in the past
don't have to see your face, now it's time to move on
no longer will this hatred burn within my heart and soul
as hard a task as it may be, I've learned to forgive you

chorusish Bridge 2

No, it won't get me don't. My past events won't get me down
I've got a spirit of steel, my body healed over a spirit of steel
maybe sticks and stones, sticks and stones they may have broke my bones
but these memories, these memories, they no longer will

(chorus) bridgeishthingy D C G Am
(but that's all in the past and I barely remember
how you beat me to the ground and you tried to break my spirit)
my soul was almost crushed, but i managed to hang in there
but i'll be damned if I let anyone near it

(but that's all in the past and I barely remember
how you beat me to the ground and you tried to break my spirit)
My heart softened and I'm starting to feel peaceful
the pain and sorrow melts away I no longer have to fear it
YouTube - Wayfaring Man
This one is really sketchy, because I've not really played it much. It needs a bunch of work. Figured I'd share it though

Wayfaring Man

Am F
out of dawns early light
C Em
there walks a man of solitude
dedicating all of his life
to walk across the latitude

just why he walks noone will know
perhaps he lost his only love
companions he has only one
just a single lonesome white dove

he is a man of
mystery and clarity
he walks the lonely road alone
from early dawn to setting sun

wandering from past unknown
to future and present unseen
wayfaring man he always was
wayfaring man he'll always be

to all but those who earn the right
he walks the land for you and me
to help keep our identity

Walking right past all mankind
unseen by those who have no care
wayfaring man he always was
wayfaring man he'll always be

mystery surrounds him so
noone can penetrate his shield
noone can see what he's about
noone can see what he may yeild

the fog of war has yet to heal
the wounds he feels oh so many
the echos in his head so loud
remorse so much joy has he any


his story is too long to tell
his journey will last forever
but one thing remains evident
his journey's end does come never

a lost love is not evident
he walks alone for destiny
he walks a road made for himself
his path into infinity.

YouTube - Bright and Shiney Face
I wrote the first two lines of this song ages ago. Then I found the text file just a short time back and ended up finishing it.

When I saw your bright and shiney face
My nose,it picked up your sweet and precious odour
My heart it stopped then started beating faster
My world turned topsy tippy turvy

the world around me, was getting much more vibrant
to my ears, everything was clearer
I said Hello, and thus began my future
my world is changing, and I blame it all on you

chorus Am G Am G Am G etc
you changed my world
for better or for worse
i still have yet to
determine what is true

What I know to be true
is the one and only fact
that living without you
would be like not living at alll

we bought a house, and then we made it our home
we fooled around, you had bouncing baby boy
I got a job, working for the government
a family, is what the outside world saw

soon after that, is when the glasses started flying
original love, hard to show when I am not there
you found a lawyer, and then you kicked me to the curb
in a hotel room, im pondering out what happened


I tried to change your mind, but you just shut me down
I tried to be a father, but you wouldn't let me
I got a better job, now I have much more free time
I want to make ammends but I'm starting to lose hope

I'm a better person now, i wish that you could see it
my heart is changed, i love you so much more now
but you won't have me, that's something I just must accept
I go my own way, but I still remember how
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Registered Member
cool!:cool: i love some of your lyrics,, one that i like is

there walks a man of solitude
dedicating all of his life
to walk across the latitude

also a jive within my heart and bright and shiny face... great titles:nod::D