My mum has smoked since she was 9.


Sally Twit
I couldn't finish watching it. It was really heartbreaking. Not sure why they let her smoke when she was in the hospital bed outside? I know they want to get a message across but jeez.
Oh and I forgot to add that my dad has been smoking since he was 11 and he's now in his 60's. He's done well considering the amount he smokes.
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Sally Twit
Just seems a bit sick really. Especially when she coughs so much. I'd hate to hear my parents coughing like that. I'd try and do what I could to make the end of their life as pain free as possible. I mean she was already in pain. Could you really do that to someone you loved and stand there and watch? I couldn't.


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I would bet Nicotine withdrawals to be more painful than a little coughing --> It's like with elderly people who've smoked or drank their whole lives. They got pretty lucky to get as far as they did, but for many of them it's actually more dangerous to quit at that point in their lives, because the shock to their system is too dramatic.


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LOL props to her. Lungs of steel. I've been smoking since I was 4. Yeeeeeee lung cancer. :(