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My Moto Needs A Name.


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I'm no mechanical or artistic genius, but when left alone in the garage for several days with food, water, music, electrical tape and zip-ties, I can turn out a decent product.

Since I love and respect the creativity of the members here on the site, I would like to request help in picking a name for my re-creation. :scooter:

(a couple weeks ago...) BEFORE:

(This morning) AFTER:

I still have some finishing touches (Patch the gas tank, scrub excess red paint off of the tires, buy a new battery, and fully install the front turn signals) but after fully pulling her apart and reassembling the clean(er) pieces, she's running hot and clean as of this morning!!

So, can anyone please help me name her (or "it"--it can be androgynous)? :D

Thank you!

--Model: 1981 Yamaha SR185


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
She's a beauty...haha I always think of old names with stuff like this. She needs more than an old name like "Bessy" or something...something epic like Cleopatra (aka Cleo) or Amelia after the famous pilot.

Or if you're feeling funny, how about Oprah?! haha


Lion Rampant
Some quick suggestions:



Bush Cutter



Mr Roboto


Alan Smithee



Ferric the Red

The Fizz

The Fazz

The Fizzfazz

The Rip Shit

The Tear Ass



not a plastic bag
The scarlett witch. Shazam. The red skull. Mephisto. Jason(red power ranger).

Awesome bike, btw.
Raphael (red ninja turtle)
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LOL at "Oprah." I'd almost name it that just to say "I straddled Oprah all the way here." :lol:

I'm liking the title theme, Jeanie! Tuck, I read your list like 8 times and loled. Thank you, MIT, and points for a Power Ranger reference! Lol

I'm going to paint the final name and a matching image on the tank when we decide. =D
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Do What Thou Wilt
Thats some nice work, excellent job. :D

Jules Burn


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I like Red, I am an Aries and red is our color. So something with red is what I would come up with.
Red Demon
Red Viper
Red Rider (hahahaha)
Lady Drac
Lady Yam
Red Hot Yam
Ouuu, I see Scarlett Witch was mentioned, that is good, and Scarlett by itself would be good too!
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