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My Mother the Ghost. This is real... please read!


New Member
If you read my intro, you'll know I'm unemployed and listing this auction to get some money. I figure others have done it just for the money, so why not try. I just want to pay off my house so I can afford to stay at home and start my own business.

My story is long, sad, interesting and very true. My mom has been haunting us for about 3 years. My daughter thinks it's tacky to sell her ghost and thinks she would be offended. But I look at it like this... maybe Mom is helping me out by haunting us and planting this idea in my head. If I could only get a serious, big bidder to look at it!

Anyway, here's my auction. I look forward to hearing from you.


Well-Known Member
Many people think you're nuts but I do believe you. Ever since my dad died a few years ago, I would hear strange sounds around 5am, the time he usually gets up to get ready for work. I woke up to a loud sound in the bathroom on morning thinking that one of my family members fell in the bathroom. I went to go check it out and there was no one in the bathroom. I hope that your auction goes well.


New Member
Thanks. It's up to $41.00 now. A few people have taken an interest in it. Someone new registered and has been bidding on it. One of the bidders accused me of doing it myself to run up the price. If I were going to do that, wouldn't I try to get it really high?!?! I mean, I wanted to pay off my house. $41.00 isn't going to do it!

What's so weird about my mom's huanting is that about 15 years ago we lived in my grandparents farmhouse that was supposed to be haunted. My dad had had several experiences there, and so had the previous owners. The only thing I ever experienced was light bulbs coming unscrewed and my "touch-on" lamp running through its cycle several times, very fast with no one touching it. I think Mom is haunting our TVs and light bulbs because she knows our ghosts at the farm house did that to me. As I said in my description, she had a great sense of humor. I really think she's just trying to be funny. She was so sick for so long, that I really lost my mom in 1987 when she was diagnosed with MS. It's actually good to have the old her back every once in a while.

Thanks for your support.