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my man plays to much xbox!!


New Member
hello there everyone, im new here :)

hi, i was wondering if anyone else's man plays xbox abit to much in your opinion?
i mean yh i dont mind him playing, but its like all day sometimes :(
i feel like he loves that thing for then me lol.
or am i just jealous because he has that hobby n well i dont really have any?


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How old are the both of you? Do you live together or apart? Problems balancing hobbies can sometimes be a mask for a deeper issue like unbalanced attention-giving-and-receiving. Have you talked to him about it in a positive manner such as, "I'd like us to spend some quality time doing X or Y"? Jealousy might be an issue, but it also might be a matter of insecurity. I can attest to being in that situation where I was insecure of myself so I felt like I wasn't receiving as much attention as I would like. However, with another partner, I felt very secure with myself and didn't need the constant attention. Have you felt differently with different partners?

Before anything else, I would suggest opening up the discussion to him in a positive manner. i.e. instead of saying, "You spend too much time on XBOX," try saying, "I'd love it if we spent more time together. Can we find something to do?":)


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Steg I appreciate your serious attempt.

But the truth of the matter is that all women in a relationship think their significant other plays too much xbox.

The REAL guys that play too much xbox don't have girlfriends. Natural selection has eliminated them from possible procreation.
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Here's what you do. Go out and buy yourself an xbox, start playing the same games he does, then verse him online and kick his ass. Seriously you should try it, you may be surprised how much you like it.

Or suggest that he lets you have a go and then start playing the xbox heaps and not letting him go on it. Then he will see what it's like to have his significant other spend all their time playing games!


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Pam, did you make another account just to ask this question?


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Hmmm.. My ex complained that I played xbox too much... So I found a man that will play xbox with me..

As mentioned before, you should really try playing, you might find it fun. If he has any co-op games, try playing the story mode together, it is a way to get into something he enjoys and still spend time together. Or see if he will let you try playing the multiplayer on games he likes, and if you like it, you just may decide you would like to get one for yourself. Or maybe you would like a DS which you could sit there and play while he is playing his games.

You guys definitely still need to have couple time, so it is a valid concern if there is no relationship there at all, no dates ever, but if he is still giving you plenty of time, then you should evaluate if you are just upset that his attention is being given elsewhere.


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Come up with ideas of things you would like to do with him. Don't just say "Let's go do something" while he's playing, because let's face it...he is already engaged in something. You are asking him to stop what he's doing, to do "something", and that "something" is undefined. You could play a dirty trick on him as soon as he signed off and say "Let's go shopping!". He is already doing something he enjoys, why should he stop what he's already doing, in favor of doing "something" which could turn out to be something he doesn't enjoy at all? Be specific!
Even if that isn't the case...you can't just ask him to do "something" while he is involved in playing a game. As much as you might like his input...if he is playing a game, his brain is not focusing on the conversation you're trying to have. "Something" is entirely too vague. While "something" leaves it open for him to contribute his ideas, too, you can't do that while he's playing a game. You need to say, specifically, "Let's go watch X movie!" or "Let's go to the park" or "Let's go bowling". You have to pick something specific that you think he would like, as well.

It needs to be said that you should also start looking at being more self-sufficient. Find something to do to entertain yourself while he's busy doing the same. Read. Scrapbook. Knit. Carve wood. Collect postage stamps. Something. ANYTHING that you like to do and can easily spend time doing. Perhaps he really is spending too much time playing games...but it's also highly possible that you are expecting him to devote too much of his time to you.
Either way, you really ought to have a hobby or two.


Here's what you do.... dump him & find a guy who owns a PS3.
Because after he finishes playing the one good game on the console he can spend his free time on you.

I don't think you should have to conform to his hobbies and interests but maybe just ask if you can join him sometime. My ex and I would play co-op all the time and it was pretty fun.