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My lottery experience


not a plastic bag
For about a week now, I've had this dream that I won $10000 in the lottery. So, yesterday after pumping gas I went inside the station and told the lady that I wanted to place a bet on numbers 9-3-1-1 because I have been dreaming about those numbers. She showed me how to fill out whats called Pick4. Well, I woke up this morning, checked the lotto and............I didn't win. It was even more melodramatic in real life. What really sucks is now I'm out $1. :(


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Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don't.
Two years ago, I played the instant lottery here in Tennessee...it was a $20 scratch off ticket.
I normally don't spend that much, I mostly buy the $5 tickets, but I splurged this once.
I am glad I did!!
I scratched off and found out I had won $1000.
It was a pretty cool experience :)


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I asked a college math teacher to help me pick winning numbers since he should know everything about numbers. He said that because he knows everything about numbers he understands the odds and would never play the lottery.

A few years back there were 1000 winners of 5 numbers without the powerball in the multistate lottery. Usually there are 2-3. So I called the lottery commission and they said that it was numbers from a fortune cookie. I call bs. Those 1000 tickets paid out more than the jackpot and someone scammed the system me thinks.


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Your dream may well have had dates in it or future-specific references around. If you practise at remembering more detail from your dreams these might help you know when to play, or which lottery game. FWIW my dreams often come true, but you have to be able to get the meaning from some of the less entirely solid aspects of them, such as dates or actional intent.