My LAST auction

OK, this is it. My auctions are sucking and are giving me ulcers. This is the last one I'm listing. I sure hope it sells because if it doesn't, my husband is going to kill me for paying SO much to list it! Yikes! :eek:hno:

Thank you so much guys for watching, passing it on, bidding, or whatever. You guys are AWESOME!

Oh yeah - I don't know how to go about getting 2 of my auctions moved to the "high profile" area. they have over 1000 hits, but they still kinda stink.


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I am watching dawn i hope you don't give up huh.. heck i am broke no joke here......but i am not giving up................nani
Great job as usual! I'm watching ya! Just ask a mod to move your other ones to the HP section!
I've got 79 watchers right now. I don't know if this is good or not. I don't remember how many I had on my baseball auction. It's up to $1009.00! (Of course, that isn't even close to my reserve though!)

OK, this auction is stinking and you know what? That's ok! I just found out I'm pregnant. Again! Who wants to waddle around Disney World while they're pregnant? I'm too old for this!!! We have 1000 stupid square foot house for the seven of us! UGH! I think I should pull this auction and list "the pee stick that pushed me over the edge"!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just took a pee(k) (sorry but I couldn't resist, I'm still laughing over the peestick comment) and it looks like you may be going to Disney waddles and all! Believe me it's a trip you won't want to miss, whether your carrying the next baby or not!. Just have the chicken keep a good eye on the kids and you'll have a great time!
OMG! 6 KIDS!!!! I hope you still have some of your sanity intact when you make it to Oprah! Yes, I am quite sure there are big things in store for you!
Thank you Denise!!! It still hasn't fully sunken in yet. I haven't made an appointment with my OB yet because
1. If I don't make an appointment, maybe I won't really be pregnant.
2. My doctor (we'll call him Doogie) is younger than I! When did doctor's become younger than me???