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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by pro2A, Feb 20, 2010.

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    I often get a lot of grief when I tell people I have guns and kids... I always get the obligatory question...

    "Oh well you keep them locked up right"? :-/

    What good does that do? I have taught my daughter since she was old enough that she can look, but no touch unless daddy says it's OK. She is quite curious, but I have faith in her that from what I taught her, she knows what they do and why she can't touch them. I have tested this theory with air guns, left the room and watched her, and she won't touch them and will even tell me it's sitting there. When I have them out cleaning or what have you, I involve her and show her all the parts and will let her handle them (unloaded and firing pin removed of course). All while instructing her how to handle it safely, with an extra emphasis on touching them ONLY when daddy is around. If she want's to see them all she has to do is ask, she has before and I'll get them out to show her. I find if you take away that curiosity by involving them when you are handling them, that the curiosity level is not there when she sees it sitting on daddy's desk when I get up to get a coke or something.

    Hiding guns from kids is when they get curious and accidents happen because they want to know what it is and what it does. If you nip it in the bud and show them what they do, and allow them to be involved in cleanings and range trips it takes the curiosity factor out of the equation.

    Does that mean I leave guns all over the place? Of course not. All my long guns are unloaded in the safe. I keep an extra handgun hidden in my house out of reach and one on my hip. My son is still a toddler and I'm careful of him still... I plan to do the same with him as I did my daughter.

    Education is key, not hiding them.
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    This mindset works in a lot of other aspects, sex for instance. Obviously you wouldn't give your kids a demonstration or start sharing the secrets of Penthouse with them, but being honest is a good idea and will at least help soothe their curiosity. I know when I was 10, I always saw the dads at our family parties drinking beer. I asked my dad what it tasted like and he looked at the bottle and handed it to me and said I could take a sip. I didn't drink for the next 18 years it was so foul. Not saying that would work for anyone, but it soothed my curiosity. It got it out of my system and I was able to move on to different things that concerned my ten year old mind.

    The whole guns and kids thing comes from a society that as I've said in other threads, is convinced that most people with firearms are dangerous or looking for opportunities to commit crimes. The even more irrational basically view guns as live grenades. This stems from decades of media conditioning which now show guns in negative lights as opposed to the positive ones seen around the founding years of this country. Guns in movies, TV shows, in music or even in books are more than often seen in the hands of grimy outlaws or shady characters who are typically either complete cowards or sadistic psychopathic killers. When a good guy uses a gun, it's almost always an act of desperation or he/she shows deep signs of regret and remorse, as if the gun was the least viable and most horrifying option they could have picked.
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    My dad always kept guns in the house and I knew exactly where they were and how to use them. But I knew NEVER to touch them without him around and without his permission or they would be hell to pay. Needless to say, my brother and I nor my two sisters never ever touched them without him being around.
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    No, I disagree with this --> I do agree that including them, showing them, and familiarizing them with your guns is a good idea, as it removes the taboo and much of the curiosity, but if history has taught us anything, it's that kids don't always necessarily do what parents have taught them, no matter how well they've been taught; I would not leave firearms accessable to children.

    While the risk is acceptable to leave in the child's hands in most cases, when it comes to firearms it only takes one mistake.
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    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    I guess you didn't read my last section there. I do trust her not to touch them because she is old enough now to know better, but I still keep them out of reach. If I leave the room for a second to grab a drink and my gun is sitting on my filing cabinet I know she wont touch it because she has no interest in doing so. She already knows what it is and what it does because I have involved her in the past. There is no curiosity factor... and curiosity is what gets kids in trouble.

    That is the point I am making here.
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